Photo by Arnie Chou from Pexels scenic-view-of-rainforest-927414-2

Photo by Arnie Chou from Pexels


Forest Voices of India belongs to a global movement that is traveling across the earth.


A groundswell of people now look towards a renewal of our planet – not just in a physical sense – but also in terms of peace and justice, with a re-awakening and a re-focus on the life and well-being of all. It’s a re-focus on honoring the intrinsic beauty of the earth, remembering the art, culture and history of those who have gone before us, even in the distant past, who saw the world as one – one life to be revered and renewed – who saw in age-old teachings, in the principle of ahimsa – “do no harm,” an injunction to give life, strength and renewal to our planet and to all of us who call it home – the mountains, forests, rivers, and oceans, – the trees, the amazing birds and animals, each one a living being – and all the peoples of the earth, especially those who, traditionally, relate to the earth with kindness and gentleness, seeking her well-being – those who relinquish dominion and instead seek harmony.


Now is time for the earth, time for gratitude, for appreciation of the great beauty of the life of all of nature, time for restoration and reverence, time to extend a hand to others.


Regardless of what the future may bring and we cannot know the future, what is certain is that we can all help, in some small or large way – we can extend a helping hand “to the least of these” – not just humans who have suffered injustice, but just as importantly – the rivers and the hills, the birds who sing in the dawn. The earth has suffered, and it is time now to help when and where we can – not with a view to benefitting ourselves or our own future, but to give back to the earth, our mother, and to all her children.