Giving life to the earth, her people and animals – all over the world, East and West

Fatumata and Justice

Fatumata belongs to the Animal Kindness Club at her school in Liberia, and her little dog is Justice. Together, Fatumata and Justice bring joy to their family and their community, inspiring others to understand that animals have feelings, just like us.

All over the world, there are remarkable people, who against all odds, are doing their best to help those in need – both people and animals! In Liberia, one of these people is Morris Darbo, who, twenty years ago, in 2001, founded an amazing organization, the Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society.

In a country where there is much need, yet very few resources – the LAWCS brings children and animals together – teaching love, kindness, peace, and caring – just exactly the qualities that this world needs!

Their very active veterinary care program brings health and wellbeing to village animals, along with the message that animals are to be loved and valued. As well as conducting a spay/neuter program for village dogs, they run over thirty other dynamic programs.

In a wonderful example of what can be accomplished, the LAWCS travels from village to village, school to school – reaching out with the message of love and kindness, so that these children will grow up with love in their hearts and with a genuine appreciation of the innocence and beauty of animals.

Krubo and Bush

Here is the story of Krubo and Bush, from the LAWSCS website —
“Krubo is one of our Animal Kindness Stars in her school. Schools are now closed due to COVID-19 outbreak in the country. Krubo is now spending the STAY HOME preventive measure with her family in their little village. Krubo took her little cute puppy, BUSH to the river to bathe her. Both Krubo and Bush love one another. The power of Humane Education can change the entire world. The children are now finding happiness with their pets during this period of global pandemic.”

Little boy and dog

We do not know the name of this little boy or the dog, but we can be sure that wherever his life takes him, he will always remember, deep in his consciousness, that an animal is his trusted friend.

As is the case all over the world, in Liberia, Covid is making finding enough funding harder than usual … please go to their website, and help, if you can, by giving to village children and dogs in Africa, Many thanks for your kindness!

Photo credit: © Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society, used with permission by Forest Voices of India.

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