At the Ramaswami Foundation, children enjoy a lively celebration with a peacock dance. This is from two years ago, right before the pandemic and was part of the celebration of Republic Day.

As well as the offices of the Ramaswami Foundation and the CPR Environmental Education Centre, this property, on four acres, is also the location of the CP Art Centre, where art exhibits are held.

On the other side of the buildings shown here, there are shops facing the street, used by women who do beautiful handicrafts and clothing. Inside, up a little semicircular walk, is a large exhibit hall and, upstairs, is another hall for lectures and other events.

Near the offices of the Ramaswami Foundation (the C.P.Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation) is the main hall of the original 400 year old building, which is still in use. A section of the building had to be remodeled following severe flooding in 2015. One of the leading charities in India, the Ramaswami Foundation was established here over fifty years ago.

The outreach programs of the two sister organizations, the Ramaswami Foundation and the CPR Environmental Education Centre, extend over six Indian states including the Andamans Islands, reaching 50,000 students a year, and many thousands of other people as well, including tribal artists and women being trained to start their own businesses.

In other buildings, not visible here, are the Saraswathi Kendra Learning Centre, for children with learning challenges – and also the award-winning Grove School.

Normally, these are all very busy places, bustling with activity. During the time of covid, for the past two years, even when there have not been lockdowns, the number of occupants has been greatly restricted.

Now, with the arrival of spring, life is returning and brighter days lie ahead.

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